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    RolePlaying Rules!


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    RolePlaying Rules!  Empty RolePlaying Rules!

    Post by glamglam on Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:11 am

    Hey everyone! When roleplaying, please be sure to follow these rules.

    For now, if you want to post a roleplay, it will not have to be approved. But if it does break any rules, it will be closed down.

    No Adult Content- Please no really detailed things, or content that would only be suitable for adults.

    Don't post more RPs than you can control - Please don't go and start more roleplays than you can actually handle. You must also be responsible of what goes on in your RP. If any rules are broken there, it is your responsibility to let the member know or inform an Admin or GM so they can take action. If you do not take care of your roleplay, it will be closed down.

    Follow the rules of RPs you join- You must follow THIS rules & also any rules the creator of the RP may have added to their RP.

    Make sure the RP is complete- Your RP must include a set of rules, a description of the roleplay, a form to have members fill. and list of characters. If it's an animal role play, involving groups and ranks, you must include a list of ranks, positions, etc.

    No Godmoding or Powerplaying- Godmoding means to have characters that are all-powerful, flawless, perfect, invincible, etc. Powerplaying, would be controlling another person's characters. Neither of this are allowed.

    Use Brackets when OOC-
    When you're Out Of Character use brackets. For example, [[ Hello ]] , (( Hello )) , {{ Hello }}. This will help others not be confused.

    New Roleplay Parts - When starting a new part/thread for a roleplay, please inform an Admin or GM so it can be approved. You will not be allowed to make a new part for a roleplay just because you feel like it.

    Please follow these rules so we can all have fun roleplaying.

    Thank you!

    ~ ZoomLane Staff

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