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    Tay's Poems<3


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    Tay's Poems<3 Empty Tay's Poems<3

    Post by TayDan on Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:05 am

    I love writing poetry. 'Tis my hobby Tay's Poems<3 356340
    Here's a few poems I've written ;D

    Ability to Love
    Is the ability to love
    Inspired by the past?
    For if, as a child,
    You weren't loved
    Would you just let love pass?

    Do you believe
    In love at first sight?
    Or to you are thoughts of love
    A fright?
    Do they come to visit you
    When you're sleeping in the night?

    Can you love
    If you've never felt it yourself?
    If someone says they love you
    Can you really say
    That you love them, too?

    Love is true
    Or is that a lie?
    Because if love is a joke,
    Wouldn't that make you cry?
    Because without love,
    Wouldn't we all die?

    In case you haven't figured out
    I've been in love once before
    I've seen what love is like
    And how it can enter and exit
    Through the door

    With all the hearts breaking,
    All this mistaking,
    Are we undertaking?
    Or is love really just faking?

    That very special person
    Will hopefully someday come
    To this I promise
    But it won't happen to some.

    Because if there's something to remember
    It's that love finds you once
    And that's if you're lucky
    But always look at the fronts

    When it comes to love
    Chose your lover carefully
    Ending up with the wrong person
    Can turn out the wrong way.

    I found myself last night in the middle of a dream
    Out on a boat, sailing the seven seas.
    We sailed through storms, through peace and calm,
    A destination? We had none.
    We just sailed towards the sun.

    We went through a tsunami.
    With 100 foot waves
    Almost tipping over our boat
    But thankfully we were saved.
    By a light from above
    That told us we'd be fine
    If we just pushed and shoved.

    We went through the peace
    Where the sun shown bright.
    Where we lay on the deck
    Deep into the night
    And stared at the stars

    But as of all dreams,
    It had to come to an end.
    And as of every morning,
    I wanted to go back,
    Relive the dream,
    Steal back my precious moments
    Which I dreamed of you.

    I Love You

    Wherever you are
    That's where I want to be
    Because I'm in love with you more
    When you're with me

    I want to be something beautiful
    And I am when I'm with you
    Because you make me feel greater
    And less and less blue

    I'm certain that I love you
    There's no doubt in my mind
    Because this love we share
    Is definitely one of a kind

    You are forgiven
    For the times you thought you hurt me
    Even though I said mean things
    My love for you is strong, don't you see?

    I hear you calling my name
    When I lay my head to rest
    My mind dreams sweetly about you
    And I don't protest

    I think I love you to much,
    If that can even be
    All I need to know is that I love you
    And I know you love me too.

    Mind v. Heart
    My mind says no, but my heart says go.
    I don't know which to listen to
    My mind says stop, but my heart says let it rock.
    I don't know which to listen to

    My mind says lose, but my heart says chose
    I don't know which one's telling the truth
    My mind says slow, yet my heart beats fast
    I don't know whether this will last

    My mind says fall, but my heart gives its all.
    I don't know whether I can do it
    My mind says fail, but my heart still prevails.
    I don't know if I can keep from losing it.

    My mind says no, but my heart says go
    I don't know which one's telling the truth.
    My mind says no, but my heart says go
    And I don't know which one to listen to

    My Love
    Can you blame me for dreaming?
    For thinking, hoping,
    That maybe someday we could be more than this.
    Don't you know that I love you?
    Cant you see that its true?
    Darling please give us a chance,
    Baby one last chance,
    To make everything okay.
    Because I love you forever,
    And that's something that will never change.
    Forever and always,
    Always and forever.
    Just give as one chance to be together.
    My heart sings sweet melodies for you,
    Because of you.
    Me and you,
    In love.
    Something that will never change.
    One day, I'll marry you.
    That sweet day we finally say "I do."
    The day my heart officially belongs to you.
    The day so many think wont happen,
    The day I'm determined to make happen.
    I can't explain how much I love you,
    And I promise it will never change, my love.

    When I’m With You
    When I'm with you I'm happy
    When I'm with you I'm sad
    When I'm with you I'm angry
    When I'm with you I'm glad

    With God as my witness
    I think that I can sustain
    These crazy, nonchalant emotions
    That make me feel insane

    When I'm with you I feel great
    Like I'm on top of the world
    And as I gaze down among the other people
    My head feels a little swirled

    When I'm with you I'm depressed
    It's like you're different with your friends around
    Whenever I'm around them
    I feel like I'm your punching bag to pound

    When I'm with you I'm filled with rage
    It's like a feeling I can't control
    All the times you've hit me
    All the bruises to my soul

    When I'm with you I'm joyful
    It's an overwhelming sensation
    Almost as good as heaven
    More powerful than the nation

    All these insane emotions
    Are hard to understand
    But as we go our separate ways
    I see the task at hand

    Life Isn’t a Fairytale
    She wishes to be with him
    Oh, how she wishes it was true.
    But even though she can't see it,
    He really loves her, too.

    They've known each other since diapers,
    But now they ache for more
    But from her point of view,
    She's just the girl next door.

    One day they're eyes met
    And they didn't pull away
    They started dating
    The very next day

    She held his hand walking home,
    And he kissed her on the porch
    Her heart fluttered like a butterfly
    And her cheeks, did they scorch.

    On their first day of high school,
    They got into a big fight.
    So big,
    That she killed herself in the night.

    He felt so bad
    That he took his own life
    With the swish of a blade
    And a stab of the knife.

    I wish that I could've said
    They grew up happy
    Got married, had kids,
    Held hands under a maple tree

    But unfortunately, that's not how this story goes,
    Because life isn't a fairytale.
    These two lovers
    Didn't make a heaven out of hell.

    That's it..fer now. I might add some laterr(:

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    Tay's Poems<3 Empty Re: Tay's Poems<3

    Post by glamglam on Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:00 am

    Aww, I love your poems, Tay! (:
    My favorite is Dreams. It's amazing.
    Thanks for sharing!!

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    Tay's Poems<3 Empty Re: Tay's Poems<3

    Post by TayDan on Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:33 pm

    Thanks. It's my favorite too Smile

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    Tay's Poems<3 Empty Re: Tay's Poems<3

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