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    ZoomLane Official Rules!


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    ZoomLane Official Rules!  Empty ZoomLane Official Rules!

    Post by glamglam on Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:31 pm

    ZoomLane Official Site Rules

    This are the GENERAL forum rules of ZoomLane. Please be sure to follow these, so we can all have a nice time in our community. Thank you!

    1. No personal information - In our forums, you may only share your first name, age, & state. But no addresses, phone numbers, school names, pictures of yourself, etc. will be allowed. You may share FaceBook & Twitter links. But be aware, that whatever happens over there is NOT our responsibility.

    2. No cussing - You may not swear or cuss in our forums. The worst we'll allow is "hell" or "crap". But nothing too bad.

    3. Use proper grammar - Please try to use your best grammar. & try not to use Chatspeak. Honestly, it doesn't take too much effort to add a letter or two & write an actual word so you can write something that is understandable.

    4. Be polite to others - When expressing your opinion or talking to others, please try to put aside any differences you may have & be nice to each other. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

    5. Links - When posting a link, make sure it is virus-free & appropriate. If it is not, it will be removed & you will get a warning.

    6. No Spamming - Posts that are completely off-topic or chain messages are not allowed.

    7. Do not use
    Red or Blue text - This colors are both reserved for Admins & Global Mods. So please do not use them.

    8. Follow the section rules - It's possible some of our sections might have rules set up specifically for them. So, be sure to follow those, as well.

    9. No Inappropriate Content - Please make sure all your posts are suitable for our forums. For example, if you are gonna talk about a movie, make sure that it is not something that should only be for adults. Same goes for any songs, TV Shows, games you might wanna talk about.

    Please remember this rules may change at any time we feel a change is necessary. However, if they do, you will be informed about it so we can make sure you know about it.

    Thank you & we hope you enjoy your time here at ZoomLane!!

    ~ ZoomLane Staff

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